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VoiceTeam's 15th anniversary

VoiceTeam celebrated its 15th anniversary with a cocktail gathering of friends, associates, and clients. Over the past 15 years, VoiceTeam has proudly delivered top-quality services and served as a significant source of employment for over 4,000 collaborators who have been part of the company’s journey.

Since its establishment in 2008 with 35 employees, VoiceTeam has flourished under the vision and dedication of its team. Today, the company boasts approximately 800 collaborators working from its various locations in Santiago de los Caballeros, San Francisco de Macorís, and Santo Domingo. CEO Juan Lendoiro announced plans to internationalize the brand, marking a new phase of growth and expansion.

Among the distinguished guests were government officials, including Mrs. Rosa Santos, the governor of Santiago province; Ulises Rodríguez, General Director of Pro-Industry; Marieta Díaz, Regional Director of MINERD; and Daniel Liranzo, Executive Director of the National Council of Export Free Trade Zones. Mr. Liranzo expressed his satisfaction in celebrating a company that has made significant contributions to society and the country.

In a touching tribute, Juan Lendoiro, CEO of VoiceTeam, expressed profound gratitude to his father, Mr. Bernardo Lendoiro, who provided crucial support in the company’s early days. He spoke about the values instilled by his family, upon which VoiceTeam stands. With an inspiring history of teamwork and dedication, VoiceTeam looks forward to continued success and impact in the years to come.


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