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Hackathon by VoiceTeam 2023

VoiceTeam took the initiative to host its first Hackathon, aiming to encourage the youth of Santiago Dominican Republic, to showcase their talents in the digital realm.

A Hackathon is a type of event where multiple software developers collaborate to tackle various challenges, share knowledge, and establish connections. Although the term stems from the combination of “hacker” and “marathon,” it is not aimed at hackers, but rather programmers.

This initiative involved the participation of several universities in the city at no cost to them. Among them were PUCMM, UASD, UTESA, ITLA, and UAPA.

Before the competition, different groups were formed, each consisting of three participants. These participants were either final year students or technicians from various fields of telecommunications and computer science.

Each team prepared their repositories before the competition, but it was not until the day of the event that they were informed of what they were going to create.

It was a highly competitive tournament, as the capabilities and skills of each participant were admirable. As in any competition, prizes were also awarded, with the first and second place going to the groups from PUCMM, while the third place was achieved by UAPA.

Additionally, each participant received a participation medal, but as they expressed, no prize surpasses the experience and opportunity of participating in an event like this.

It is worth noting that such activities drive and motivate these young individuals every day to continue with their careers and strive for better results. It is for this reason that VoiceTeam has set out to organize such events every year, intending to provide every young person with the opportunity to develop in this field and simultaneously participate in our company.


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